Tips & Tricks How to Play Clash of Clans

Currently Clash of Clans is a phenomenal game, with millions of users of iOS and Android. For that I will provide very useful tips for you.

Be patient and keep your gems.

In this game Clash of Clans Gems has a lot of uses, which could to speed up the process in making the building, preparing troops, multiply the troops and others. In terms of speeding up the process, it’s really very tempting. Because the longer you play Clash of Clans is the resource you need more and build time increased. So I suggest do not let you be tempted to pull out your gems. Keep these gems up until you really need it. The point in playing Clash of Clans requires a high level of patience, do not waste your gems to speed up the process, if you are tired of waiting for a long development time, play similar games like Candy Crush Saga, Samurai Siege or you return to work or your family.


Attacking just so you have a lot of troops

The way you build cities will depend on your own personality. Are you the type that emphasizes defense and raising the city? or you are an aggressive type who likes to attack another village. It is all your own choice to play Clash of Clans

Build a strong defense and a good city

A strong defense of the city depends on how you put the building and build a fortress wall around it, the tip as follows:

  1. Place the gold and elixir storage building in the most sheltered spot.
  2. Use Mortal as a primary weapon, you can place it in the middle.
  3. Use Canon and around the tower to ward off attacks
  4. Create a wall to protect any building, instead of a circular wall to surround all the buildings.
  5. You can position defense weapon as much as possible to cover as much as possible of the building.
  6. Lay a strong weapon in downtown
  7. put less important buildings outside, so that you have a defense system that can fire on them.

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Eluna Saga Review for Android & iOS

In the game Eluna Saga I feel something is missing in the game made this Gamevil, because I feel this developer has addictive gameplay in its early beginnings and has graphics pleasing to the eye. But after a long play the games of this Gamevil then feel the pain of sudden enemy we face become very strong and bosses that we face has the features one hit in the direction of our character. The cause of this problem is by grinding until you’re half drunk or by buying IAP at a great price. Broadly speaking Eluna Saga has a very strong feel of IAP coloring your game, the game’s technical Only slightly different from other Gamevil games.

We start telling way of this game. In the area called Astoria has experienced a volcanic eruption, resulting in a balancing element’s 4 Astoria become divorced disarray and create the appearance of evil creatures that have roamed in Astoria. Your task in this game is to free the Astoria of evil creatures to destroy them completely.


At the beginning of this game, you will be given training or tutorial how to play Eluna Saga. With a turn-based game system mechanism, you will be taught how to or how to attack enemies and use the skills that you can have. You will get a turn to attack at random.

The way in this battle is quite simple enough is you tap once on the enemy you face, and who want to attack you. There are two types of attacks that can you use that attack normal and attack skills with soul that you can.

Still in a matter of technique in combat, you can play one to four heroes at once in the game. Formations can you form in Eluna Saga is two positions in front and two behind positions. Two front position has the task to attack and should have higher HP.